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About Bulletproof Comics

If you've never heard of Bulletproof Comics, or just want to find out more about us, here's the place to visit. If you have any questions that aren't answered in the FAQs below, just send us an email!

FAQ: What is Bulletproof Comics?

Permalink to this Article26/02/08 | by Matt Yeo, Editor-in-Chief | Categories: General Info

We’re glad you asked! Bulletproof Comics is a new, UK-based comic book publisher primarily designed to showcase and promote the work of up-and-coming British creative talent. Within the site you’ll discover material from new writers, artists and creators a well as work from established industry professionals.

Bulletproof Comics also began publishing the first of its comic books last year, with the self-titled 80-page anthology, Bulletproof. More comic book titles are on the way soon including Bulletproof issue # 2, a 4-issue Redstitch: The End mini-series, and a series of one-shots.

In the coming months we’ll be adding more exciting stuff to the site including Message Boards, Podcasts, Guest Columns and much more.

Be warned, this is merely the beginning..!

Contact: info@bulletproofcomics.co.uk

FAQ: Who's behind Bulletproof Comics?

Permalink to this Article26/02/08 | by Matt Yeo, Editor-in-Chief | Categories: Bulletproof Staff

The main talented wannabes behind Bulletproof Comics are Matt Yeo, Jason Cook and Matthew Prothero. Who the heck are they? To find out more, check out their self-gratifying profiles below:

MATT YEO: Editor-in-Chief & Publisher

Trained as a graphic designer, Matt instead opted for a career in journalism, working for a variety of video game magazine companies such as Paragon Publishing and EMAP Images. Moving to Egmont Magazines as an Editor, Matt launched the successful licensed children’s titles LEGO Adventures! and Max Steel and the UK’s number one boys’ lifestyle magazine, TOXIC. He has written freelance articles for 2000 AD, Star Wars Insider and The Official UK Star Wars Magazine. His first comic work appears in the launch issue of the Bulletproof anthology.

Matt lives and works in London, has more DVDs than sense, and is currently drinking more coffee than usual in an effort to finish Bulletproof # 2.

Currently reading: Far too many comic books to name, but everything Geoff Johns writes is solid gold!

Currently playing: Devil May Cry 4 (PS3), No More Heroes (Wii), Bully (Xbox 360), Call of Duty 4 (Xbox 360)

Xbox 360 Gamer Tag: Bulletproof70

Wii Friends Code: 8292 4278 9173 2314

Contact: matt@bulletproofcomics.co.uk

JASON COOK: Creative Director

After coming to many a sticky and unhappy end with the likes of Rubdown Lettering, Scalpels, Mounting Board and Spray Mount. Jason was seen weeping happily to himself one day when he saw the future of design in the shape of a multi-coloured Apple logo. He has not looked back, but he has been known to cackle eerily as he works on his silver 50G G4/400 with 448Mb RAM… sssmokin’..!

Currently reading: Dark Knight Returns (again) to recover from DKN2 and The Mote in Gods Eye (Larry Niven & Jerry Pournel)

Currently playing: Call of Duty 4 (Xbox 360)


Ex-Computer Scientist, Matthew broke into the Graphic Design industry shortly after university, working for a little known, but top quality firm called Deepblue-Digital.

He occupies his time with a multitude of geeky hobbies, including Wargaming, Dungeons & Dragons and video gaming, plus a variety of other nerdesque activities.

Currently reading: Bulletproof # 1 of course! Why aren’t you reading yours?

Currently playing: Team Fortress 2 - look out for Zark the Damned fragging you :D

FAQ: So what do you guys get out of this site?

Permalink to this Article26/02/08 | by Matt Yeo, Editor-in-Chief | Categories: General Info

First and foremost, we’re all huge comic book fans. We also have serious aspirations to work in the comic book industry full-time, whether it’s as writers, artists or editors. The initial premise for the site was a monthly reviews newsletter. However, we soon realised that with our talent, experience and contacts, we could produce something truly ambitious.

We don’t get paid (yet) to produce Bulletproof Comics. We all have real jobs that take up the majority of our time, but for us this is a labour of love. Our main aim is to promote the huge talent pool that exists in the UK and give struggling creators the attention and work they deserve. Our hope is that comic book companies around the world will recognise the talent within these pages and commission work from them. We don’t charge a fee or commission for displaying creator-owned material on Bulletproof Comics. We’re not agents, just fans who want to help give the little guys a leg-up in the industry.

Contact: info@bulletproofcomics.co.uk

FAQ: Why don't you guys have a news section?

Permalink to this Article26/02/08 | by Matt Yeo, Editor-in-Chief | Categories: General Info

The simple reason is, there are some great comic book websites out there that specialise in presenting daily news updates. We’re not one of them. At the moment we’re just not set up to handle that sort of a workload. Once we start raking in the big buck$, we may change our minds. For a list of the best comic book news websites, check out our Links page.

Contact: info@bulletproofcomics.co.uk

FAQ: How can I get my work onto your site?

Permalink to this Article26/02/08 | by Matt Yeo, Editor-in-Chief | Categories: Advertising, Submissions

It couldn’t be easier. Just check out our Creator Showcase section and then drop us a line. If we think your work is up-to-scratch, we’ll allocate you a page for your scripts, illustrations, character sketches and artwork. Visitors to the site will be able to view your material for free (don’t worry, everything’s copyrighted to individual creators) and either send comments or work commissions to you directly or to our editorial email addresses. New additions to the Creator Showcase will be mentioned in the regular Bulletproof Comics email newsletter. *Note: We don’t charge a fee to display your work on the site!

Contact: info@bulletproofcomics.co.uk

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