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Bulletproof Creator Showcase

This section is devoted to showcasing both the UK's up-and-coming and established comic book talent! If you're a comic creator who would like to see their work displayed in the Creator Showcase section for FREE, or if you're interested in commissioning work from any of the creators listed below, feel free to contact us.

Alan Burrows

Permalink to this Article25/04/08 | by Matt Yeo, Editor-in-Chief | Categories: Artists

A mainstay of the British comics scene for over 15 years, Alan’s artwork has appeared in a number of diverse titles including Starblazer, Eagle, Victor, The Beano, Transformers, Commando, Dark Horse Presents, Red Dwarf and Batman as well as in such national newspapers as the Daily Telegraph, Daily Star and Daily Mirror.








Alan Burrows Talks To Paul H. Birch - 1993

After doing weekly illustrations for the Manchester Advertiser, Alan Burrows took a Scientific Illustration course, of which he jokingly remarks, “So I know all about anatomy even if it doesn’t show in some of my work!” “Trying to rip-off Frank Bellamy", is how he describes his subsequent illustrations for Quest magazine. Indeed, his influences are distinctly British and of the old school.

“The second 2000 AD Sci-fi Special had a Frank Bellamy article, and the drawings looked so real to me I decided then I wanted to be a comic artist.” After self-publishing the 64-page Bicentennial Star, of which he “sold every copy", Burrows used the pseudonym of ‘Sin’, writing and drawing Switchblade for Avalon.

“It was dreadful… I knew then I had a career in comics!” He returned to college but later received the order of the boot. “A script arrived from DC Thomson’s Starblazer and I was so amazed I ended up going to the pub for three weeks, spending the money I thought I was going to get,” adding, “then realised Thomson’s didn’t pay that much!” It took six months to complete.

“I was surprised that they sent me another script, but I ended up working on Starblazer for about two years. After it folded, a script arrived from the new Eagle, out of the blue.” Commissioned to produce one-off stories that were to last for only a few weeks, editor Barry Tomlinson liked the results so, “they carried them on for a year.”

When Eagle went to monthly reprints, a phone call to the Victor’s editor, Ken Peters as the twists of fate would have it brought a reply from The Beano asking him to draw General Jumbo. After being seen, Victor sent him Man for Hire scripts. “I drew that in black and white for a while, then moved on to do Nightmare Zone in colour.” He also coloured Robin Smith’s Transformers for Marvel UK. “I quite enjoyed it, although I don’t know where they appeared.” But Burrows is assured where other work appears. Commando editor George Low asked him to do cover work for the digest comic, “which I’ve been doing ever since.”

“Garry Leach thought I’d be right and should show London Editions my work,” he says of his Red Dwarf assignments. He found preparing samples fine, but as for the initial batch of comic book work? “I didn’t have many photos to base them on, and I didn’t want to draw one large close-up with lots of little images; I tried to make it flow as a story and interpretations of the book rather than the TV series, which I don’t think went down too well. After the third issue, I actually tried to make sure they looked just like them.”

A chance conversation with Dark Horse’s Randy Stradley led to Burrows being asked to draw a prequel to the Doctor Giggles movie for three issues of Dark Horse Presents. Laughing, he attempts to explain the weird storyline scripted by Manny Coto.

“He’s a genius surgeon who can work out any complaint immediately, but unfortunately his methods are to slice people up instead. Sewing their lips together etc. Lovely! “Basically, he’s a psychopath!” “I’m also inking Kent Burles, with Bill Spicer lettering on a mini-series adaptation of the film.”

Burrows isn’t fond of the paper the penciller’s used but finds the work enjoyable, if not relaxing. “I’m trying to follow him line-for-line at the moment rather than change his work, which I’d hate anyone to do to mine.” He’s not sure how Tundra UK’s current circumstances will affect his Funguys. “They wanted one of their regulars, Ian Eddington, to script it. Ian’s ideas sounded really good, but we’ll have to see what the future brings.” Something that’s been gathering dust for two-and-a-half years is A Guide to Comic Scripting, written by Dave Taylor and to be published by Robert Hayle Ltd.

“I drew half the book, but with other commitments I was unable to complete it. Bill Storie’s taken over the rest of the job with me just doing designs and rough layouts.”

“Basically it’s an adventure with two people, they travel through this world from a living room and by the end of the story you should have learnt how to write comics.” With around 112 pages in the price range of £8, it looks set to be an essential Christmas purchase. Alan’s also expressed an interest in illustrating How to Break into the Comics’ Business - The Real Way! whilst looking forward to other projects, which he’s keeping uncharacteristically quiet about…

Interview © 1993 Paul H. Birch

Andy Dickenson & Sarah Evans

Permalink to this Article24/04/08 | by Matt Yeo, Editor-in-Chief | Categories: Artists, Writers

Andy Dickenson is a freelance journalist and writer, and has recently written comics for both D.C. Thompson and Underfire. He used to edit Pulse, an indie music magazine. Previously he worked as the in-house writer for BBC websites (Radio Times, Top of the Pops, Holiday) and has been published in various travel and music magazines.

Sarah Evans is a freelance illustrator and artist, working primarily in the RolePlay genre for publishers such as Green Knight, Driftwood and The Chaos Society. Trained in sculpture and stained glass she has worked as a set and costume designer for the Old Red Theatre Company. She has also produced a chess set, based on the Alien series for H.R. Geiger.


Truth, Justice and the Way is described as an apocalyptic fairy-tale.

Set in the Highlands of Scotland it charts the rise and fall of the mythical City of Albion, as it struggles to maintain a balance between good and evil in the Earth’s final days.

Billed somewhere in between The Sandman and Buffy it focuses on several iconic characters and, like all good team-up comics, gives each a share in the drama. Together they battle a wealth of truly monstrous forces, all the while trying to unlock the mysteries that brought the world to its knees.

The first story arc takes us from Scotland to the ruins of Parliament, taking in a series of brutal murders, as the bold and sultry Knight Six tracks down the enigmatic Lord Truth.

The first four issues are already in production and are awaiting publishing.

Andy Winter

Permalink to this Article23/04/08 | by Matt Yeo, Editor-in-Chief | Categories: Artists, Writers

For most of the last decade I’ve worked as a journalist, sub-editor and editor on a variety of magazines, including Smash Hits, Maxim and Shoot, interviewing everybody from Michael Owen to Black Rebel Motorcycle Club along the way. In my dim and distant past, I’ve also edited fanzines dedicated to comics and music, managed and performed in bands, and produced and presented radio programmes for the BBC. Born in Northampton, I’m now based in Southend-on-Sea.



Devilchild is my first comics work and the debut release from my own independent publishing concern, Moonface Press. Described by one satisfied punter as “Dante’s Inferno with dick jokes", Devilchild tells the story of a decidedly reluctant antichrist, his angelic flatmates and alcoholic devil of a dad.

I’m currently working on the script for Devilchild: Volume II. It will again be illustrated by rising Brit comics sensation Natalie Sandells. The 90+ page book will also contain several back-up strips for which I am now seeking artists.

For more information, check out: www.devil-child.co.uk

Contact Andy at: moonfacepress@hotmail.com

Carl Rothwell

Permalink to this Article23/04/08 | by Matt Yeo, Editor-in-Chief | Categories: Artists

The Facts: Lives and works in the Northwest of the UK, just outside Preston.

For a while, in the late 90s, I dabbled as a make-up artist in the Big Smoke mainly sculpting and fabricating prosthetics and the odd monster here ‘n’ there.

Since then I have been doing exhibitions at Eggspace in Liverpool until recently, and now I’m gonna concentrate on getting into my first love… comics.

The Lies: Carl Rothwell has a 12 foot cock and lives in a treehouse with his pet Lama called deli and three fish: Bob, Bob and Jose.

The Art: Okay, I don’t have a lot to say about my style, other than its on,going but I do like to paint a bit ‘n’ kinda getting the hang of it so hope you like. If anyone’s interested, get in touch and thanks for taking the time to look.

For more info, contact Carl here: crothwell8@aol.com

View Carl’s blog page at: http://carlrothwell.blogspot.com/

Chris Bunting

Permalink to this Article22/04/08 | by Matt Yeo, Editor-in-Chief | Categories: Writers

My first accepted work was the original concept, How to Break into Comics, for Antarctic Press. However, Shoujo #4 (Antarctic Press) made it out before that did.

Then, in one of my biggest breaks so far, I went on to write Action Man for Panini UK (a.k.a. Marvel UK), something I remain very proud of.

My other works of note include the Mr. T comics, Judge Dredd Megazine, TOXIC magazine, and Bulletproof # 1 of course!

Despite retaining my lifelong affection for comic books, my authorial attention has turned increasingly to graphic novels. I feel that these are the future of the medium. So I put my money where my mouth is …

Publisher Mohawk Media www.mohawkmedia.co.uk has recently launched an all-new Mr. T graphic novel.

Due for worldwide release in summer/autumn 2008, it is preceded by a Mr. T: Limited Advance Edition Graphic Novel, which is available now.

(Also, I’m correctly credited as Christopher Bunting.)

As for the future, I’m working on a different graphic novel that is a privilege to be involved in. I’m sure that it will get a lot of attention.

I am looking at a variety of other projects too, and yes, that does include Mr. T versus Dracula!







Contact Chris at: chris@writing.me.uk

Website: www.writing.me.uk

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