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Welcome to Bulletproof Comics!

All the latest Bulletproof news, announcements, updates, and general rantings from the Editor-in-Chief!

New Webcomics!

Permalink to this Article27/10/08 | by Matt Yeo, Editor-in-Chief | Categories: Announcements

Here’s the first of a few site updates this week, as we’ve got lots of great stuff you share with you!

For starters, there’s the latest webisode of the ace online comic, Highway Robbery. You can check it out HERE.

Next up is the slightly-delayed third episode of the Sci-Fi hit, Ex Astris. Created by John Freeman and Mike Nicoll, you can catch up with the strip HERE.

Finally, we’re proud to announce that we’re kicking off the third of our exclusive webcomics today! Faceless is the brainchild of Dave Hailwood and Dave Thomson. In Dave’s own words it’s “the adventures of a psychotic headless robotic assassin". And that sold us on it!

Enjoy the new web comics and check back soon for a preview of Bulletproof # 3!

Back from the BICS + New Highway Robbery!

Permalink to this Article06/10/08 | by Matt Yeo, Editor-in-Chief | Categories: Announcements

Well, we survived the weekend in one piece (just) and had a great time at this year’s BICS!

Full report to follow soon. In the meantime, check out the latest Highway Robbery webisode HERE!

BICS, issue # 2 & 3 update and new Highway Robbery!

Permalink to this Article27/09/08 | by Matt Yeo, Editor-in-Chief | Categories: Announcements

We’ve been away for slightly longer than expected, but now we’re back with a bang!

First up is a double-whammy of Highway Robbery this weekend from Dave Hailwood and Tony Suleri. Check out Part 16 HERE!

UPDATE! Just added Highway Robbery: Part 17. Enjoy!

On the comics front, we had a slight delay at the printers with Bulletproof # 2, but should have it up for sale on our Online Store next week.

As for Bulletproof # 3, well we were trying to get it completed and printed in time for the BICS, but it wasn’t to be. Having said that, it will still go on sale in October, so watch this space for more news!

Next up is this year’s BICS, and Bulletproof Comics will be there for the first time! We’ll be over at Stand 151 with a full range of comic books, including Bulletproof # 0, Bulletproof # 1, Bulletproof # 1/2 and the brand-new Bulletproof # 2. What’s more, we’ll also have a number of BICS Con Exclusives up for grabs!

First up we have a limited edition, full colour 12-page Marren Kane # 0 comic book for sale! Featuring an all-new story from creators Dave Hailwood and Tony Suleri, this’ll be a must-have item.

Secondly, you also be able to buy our Blank Cover Version of Bulletproof # 1/2 which’ll be handy for all those sketches you’ll be getting at the Con.

And speaking of sketches, we’re proud to have a number of creators who’ll be stopping by to do signing and sketching sessions at our stand! Confirmed so far are Jon Haward (The Tempest, Wasted, Sideburns), Tony Suleri (Marren Kane) and Alan Burrows (Funguys), with more to come. We’ll announce the full line-up and times in the next few days.

It’s going to be great to meet everyone at our first Con, so make sure you come say hi at Stand 151, grab a free Bulletproof badge and other goodies and meet our creators. Seeya there!

Highway Robbery: Part 15

Permalink to this Article14/09/08 | by Matt Yeo, Editor-in-Chief | Categories: Announcements

A little late this weekend, but well worth the wait!

Check out the next webisode of the amazing Highway Robbery strip right here. It’s ace!

More to come in the the next few days with details on our BICS exclusive comic books PLUS a sneak peek at Bulletproof # 3!

Highway Robbery: Part 14

Permalink to this Article06/09/08 | by Matt Yeo, Editor-in-Chief | Categories: Announcements

Here’s hoping you’re all having a great weekend! Just added the latest webisode of Highway Robbery right here.

We should also be putting up a very early first-look at Bulletproof # 3 in the next few days, so keep checking back for more info.

On the BICS front, we’ll be selling copies of issue # 1, 2 and 3, as well as our preview issues, 0 and 1/2. What’s more, we’re also working hard on some great Bulletproof merchandise including T-shirts, badges, and Con exclusive comic books. More news soon!

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