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Bulletproof Links

So you're a comic book fan and you want to find the very best sites on the 'net. But where do you start? To point you in the right direction, we've compiled a list of some of the hottest comic publishers, independent sites and just plain cool home pages we think you should check out!

Wizard's Keep

Permalink to this Article02/09/08 | by Matt Yeo, Editor-in-Chief | Categories: Comic Publishers

Run by the super-talented Tim Perkins, Wizard’s Keep offers updates and info on the company’s latest comic projects. You can also buy cool stuff from their online store!

Mobile Combat

Permalink to this Article16/08/08 | by Matt Yeo, Editor-in-Chief | Categories: Comics

Part of the Rokcomic project, Mobile Combat has been developed by Dave Hailwood and Stu Smith. Described as ‘Tim Burton meets Top Trumps.’ It’s ace!

Lew Stringer

Permalink to this Article18/05/08 | by Matt Yeo, Editor-in-Chief | Categories: Comics, Comics News & Information

UK comic legend, genius artist & writer, and all round good bloke! Lew Stringer is these things and many more. Also check out his great comics Blog here!

Temple APA

Permalink to this Article15/05/08 | by Matt Yeo, Editor-in-Chief | Categories: Comics

Awesome UK-based comics social network site! Make sure you download their free Temple APA PDF comic. It’s ace!

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